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Take Advantage of On-site Radiator Cleaning 

Not sure about how to clean radiators on your site? Emory Dry Ice can help. Don’t take your dirty radiators off-site for disassembly, power-washing, drying, and reassembly — that’s expensive, takes days and halts your productivity.

At Emory Dry Ice, we provide on-site professional dry ice blasting that’s thorough and efficient for cleaning radiator exteriors on pump trucks. Within a few hours, your operators can get back to work, keeping you productive and profitable.

Clean radiator on-site with 3 hours instead of 18

Slide the arrows back and forth to see the difference:


Dry Ice Cleaning Benefits:

  • Save time over pressure washing
  • Save money over traditional cleaning methods 
  • Extend the life of your radiators 
  • Lower radiator replacement costs
  • Help keep pump engines from overheating 
  • Minimize your maintenance downtime 
  • Better manage your maintenance schedules

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When we have multiple units that need to be cleaned, pulling coolers ourselves for cleaning wastes shop space and is a slow process. Dry ice blasting is faster and easier.

— Christopher Burton, Liberty Oilfield Services