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If you’ve hired industrial plant cleaning services that have used sand or chemicals to clean your plant in the past, you know the challenges they come with — shutting down and disassembling equipment, excessive drying times, plus the hassles and hazards of secondary waste.

At Emory Industrial Services, we provide professional dry ice blasting that thoroughly and efficiently cleans your industrial plant’s equipment top to bottom. Dry ice cleaning is nontoxic, nonflammable, and there’s no secondary waste to clean up afterward. Don’t let cleaning slow you down. Keep your plant up and running at its best.

In addition to dry ice blasting, we also provide commercial cleaning and industrial disinfection services, using MicroSURE, an eco-friendly disinfectant that not only kills viruses like Coronavirus, but also provides lasting protection from bio threats well into the future.

Dry Ice Blasting is proven to reduce downtime by over 50%

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Benefits to Hiring Emory Industrial Services:

  • Maintain a healthy, safe, and productive work environment for your employees
  • Eliminate hazardous chemicals, water, and media like sand that creates messy and contaminated secondary waste
  • Increase efficiency by safely cleaning around sensitive areas like live motors and electrical components
  • Remove the hassle and wasted time of disassembly for proper cleaning
  • Avoid high replacement costs by restoring equipment you typically replace

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