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Maximize Your Efficiency with Dry Ice Cleaning

If your energy plant’s system isn’t properly cleaned, it will become inefficient, inoperable, or even dangerous. Projects like cooling tower cleaning, steam turbine cleaning — plus ongoing maintenance — are all critical.  In addition, we specialize in cleaning HRSG units; dry ice cleaning is a benign and environmentally friendly medium to help reduce gas side pressure drop and maximize steam production.

At Emory Industrial Services, we provide professional dry ice blasting cleaning for your energy plant’s machines and equipment that's thorough and efficient. Even sensitive, highly critical, precision components can be cleaned with minimal disassembly and without damage, dry times, or secondary waste. Increase your plant’s efficiency while lowering operating costs and safety risks with Emory Industrial Services.  

Reduce cleaning outage time by 65%

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Dry Ice Blasting Benefits:

  • Clean virtually anything in your plant
  • Use a non-conductive method that’s environmentally responsible
  • Clean equipment in place without cool down
  • Reduce outage time needed for cleaning by 65%
  • Improve plant efficiency and lower operating costs

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