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We are an eco-friendly industrial services company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining heavy industrial equipment and machinery with an environmentally friendly cleaning application, dry ice blasting. In addition to our dry ice blasting services, we provide preventative maintenance services, rent dry ice blasting equipment, market and distribute dry ice, and provide commercial cleaning and industrial disinfection services. We serve our customers in an array of industry sectors, including oil and gas, food and beverage, power generation, masonry restoration, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and many others.

Our Mission Statement: To help our customers be more effective, efficient, and eco-friendly by delivering innovative industrial cleaning solutions.

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Preventative Maintenance

Emory has a mobile preventative maintenance division that will travel to your facility, yard, operational location or staging pad 24/7/365. We tailor a preventative maintenance program to meet the various operational and budget needs of our customers. Such services include:

  • Custom Inspections (Per Customer Requirements)
  • Oil Sampling
  • Oil / Filter Services
  • Fuel / Air Filter Services
  • Transmission Service
  • Hydraulic Systems service
  • Power End System services

Dry Ice Blasting

Looking to effectively clean surfaces quickly and safely without the hassles of water, chemicals, and secondary waste? Turn to the power of dry ice cleaning. Cleaning by dry ice blasting provides a nonabrasive, nonflammable, nonconductive, and nontoxic option — it’s the ideal cleaning solution for an incredibly broad range of projects.

How Dry Ice Blasting Works

The process looks a lot like the pressure washer you’d use in a self-service car wash. But with dry ice blasting, solid carbon dioxide (CO2) is the cleansing medium, not water.

  1. Compressed air accelerates frozen CO2 in a pellet or delicate, shaved form through the hose and nozzle at a high velocity
  2. As the frozen CO2 impacts the contaminant, it instantaneously changes from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation
  3. During sublimation, dry ice expands nearly 800 times in a few milliseconds, causing micro-explosions. The resulting microcracking causes the contaminant to embrittle and shrink, breaking the bond between the surface and the contaminant
  4. This process effectively removes residues, contaminants, dirt, oil, paint, grime, and more without damage to the surface and without water

Dry ice blasting requires no chemicals, and it leaves no secondary waste unlike sand or soda blasting. It’s a faster, safer, and more thorough cleaning alternative that’s environmentally responsible and approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.

What Do We Clean with Dry Ice Blasting?

We Come to You

Save time and money. Get everything you need from one supplier. We have blasters, bulk dry ice, compressors, hoses, nozzles, and other accessories all available on the days you need them.

Rent or Contract Service

Contact us. You may prefer to rent and do the work yourself or have our pros do it for you. Either way, we’ll answer all your questions to ensure you have the right equipment and/or service specialists for your specific jobs.

It’s Time to Blast

Blast with confidence. Whether you manage internally — or hire our team of service specialists — we get you what you need to get the job done right. We also offer free demos, test blasting, technical advice, and onsite training.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

    • Reduce Downtime - Significantly quicker process leads to increased production time.
    • Increases Efficiency - Clean equipment online while eliminating the need for cool down and disassembly.
    • No Secondary Waste - Dry ice blasting does not produce secondary waste streams, residue or moisture. 
    • Non-Abrasive - Dry ice is a soft media that will not harm substrates.
    • Easily Remove Heavy Buildup - Oil, bitumen, corroding agents, etc.
    • Safely Remove Surface Contaminants - Failed coating, corrosion, soluble salts, chloride, etc.
    • Operator Safe - Eliminates need for chemicals and repetitive, manual processes.
    • Non-Conductive - Dry ice is a good grade media and is safe for commercial use.
    • More Efficiently Allocate Labor - The process reduces time, labor and resources needed.


    We provide commercial and industrial cleaning and disinfection services to industrial and commercial customers. Our trained staff uses electrostatic sprayers and an eco-friendly and unique disinfectant/protectant called MicroSURE to kill viruses and provide lasting protection from Coronavirus and other bio threats. As a result, your facility will be protected or weeks and months longer than typical disinfectants.


      To complement our equipment rentals, we offer bulk dry ice manufactured to your specifications, with flexible delivery options.

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